Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Safe Harbor Site Offline!

The normal site for No Safe Harbor has been taken down thanks to the massive traffic influx from Slashdot and elsewhere.

WOW guys, amazing! Thank you for the great response!

We're working to get it up ASAP, but we got this temporary site up in the meantime.

Here's a list of links for the book while you're waiting.

BUY IT AT AMAZON.COM - Price $9.99

Torrent - http://bit.ly/x5gtHe (or as a Magnet)
TXT - http://bit.ly/xrPGl5
ODT - http://bit.ly/zC6TE1
RTF - http://bit.ly/xHI7MO
PDF - http://bit.ly/xVI0t1
MOBI - http://bit.ly/wtYRQQ
EPUB - http://bit.ly/zt99zw

Contact Info
+1 352-658-3824
Or on Twitter @nosafeharbor


echo9 said...

Thanks & Greetz on the Press release :)
"Long Live the Pirataz!!" :D

biobloga said...

You've got a generous soul, amazing persons :)
Thank you. :)

Pfüll said...

Special thanks! I will enjoy reading :)

Camilo Uribe said...

Thanking for your site got down, like biobloga said You're amazing persons :)

Please publish the book for kindle, I'll love to buy it and show the intermediaries that people with interest in the party could give them some money

K`Tetch said...

You can already get it on your kindle. The ebook version is free, so just grab the version from the top left sidebar. I think the mobi version is the prefered format for kindle.

If we were to sell it, it would just mean more hassle, because, as far as I know, you can't do it for free there. But we will look into it and contact Amazon, ok?

the eBook creator

Camilo Uribe said...

You can do it for free, indeed a lot of authors do it: take a look to the Top 100 Free kindle e-books: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Kindle-Store/zgbs/digital-text I think the policy of amazon for ebooks it's something like give us a percentage per book, and any percentage of 0 is 0

Yesterday I download the mobi, and read the foreword, Assassinating Citizens and The worst part of Censorship is [this phrase has been seized by ICE], this book is great, and I think could be greater if you:
* Increase the font size
* Tell in this blog to the people that the book is a nice introduction to the philosophy behind the pirate party
* Put the contents and maybe also the foreword here.
* In the Torrent (or as a Magnet) link, say that the link will download the book in all it's formats

Thanks for the ebook, I'm thinking in constituing a pirate party in my city(Colombia, Bogotá), but didn't start because I didn't understand the philosophy behind the party, with the help of your ebook that will change.

Unknown said...

I read the EPUB version on my Nook Simple Touch. There are some minor formatting problems, such that the Pirate Party flag and the Nina Paley comics got cut off at the right margin.

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